Workshop with Fathiem

Posted on Mar 23, 2015

Fahtiem and I after the workshop

Fahtiem and I after the workshop

Last weekend I had to opportunity to study with Fathiem from California. I had taken her workshops in 2009 and I really enjoyed her teaching style. She is so approachable and kind, and has amazing technique and skills.

The workshop topics were:

  • Articulation and Layering Techniques: Explore the effective use of body articulation and its application to music. How to keep yourself interested in your “own” dance.
  • Timing – Creating drama with creative use of music
  • TAXIM – Undulations Galore!
  • Fahtiem’s Fabulous Tips: “Fingertips, that is!” – Creating fluidity to shoulder, arm, hand and finger articulations and dynamics. Enhance your dance, using your arms and hands, rather than distracting from it. When is enough, enough? When is too much, too much? Several practical applications with dance combos will be taught in this workshop.

The workshop was well organized by Zuleikha of Pyramid Road. Zu does a fabulous job putting on events. The Gala show was also wonderful and I enjoyed seeing dancers that I had never seen before and getting to check out the Charlotte dance scene. And of course, I loved traveling with my partner in crime, Ming!


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