Get into the holiday spirit with belly dance!

Posted on Dec 1, 2010

Looking for something fun to do this holiday season? There are lots of belly dance events going on. While, I may not be dancing at them, I still encourage everyone to join in and support the community. Here’s a list of haflas and special events to keep you busy during the holidays (as if you aren’t busy enough!).

Want to add belly dance items to your Christmas list, but not sure what to include? Here are some great affordable gift ideas:

  • Zills aka Sagat aka finger symbols – $20 and up
  • Hand dyed 4 yard silk veil – $30 and up
  • Hip scarves – $25-75
  • Belly dance cane – $15-30
  • Instructional or performance DVDs – $20-45
  • Belly dance CDs – $10-30
  • Belly dance books – $15 and up
  • Rhinestone jewelry – $10 and up
  • Itunes or gift certificates
  • Need more ideas? Check out Andalee’s belly dance wish list.

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