Student FAQs

I’ve never belly danced before. Should I take your class?

Absolutely! Most of my students have never taken a belly dance class before. My beginner belly dance classes are perfect for people who are total newbies or have had less than a year of belly dance training. Classes start out slow and then move up in difficulty as the session progresses.

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When should I move up to a continuing/advanced class?

I recommend that all students take a beginner belly dance class for at least one year before moving up. If you are really serious about belly dancing, then taking more than one beginner class per week is ideal. When you start getting bored and feel like you’ve mastered all of the beginner technique is when you should ask me about moving up.

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What should I wear to class?

You don’t need any special gear or clothing for my belly dance classes. The clothes you wear to workout in would be ideal. I prefer tank tops, sports bras and leggings or yoga pants when I’m in dance class. Baggy clothing and long skirts are not recommended, so that you and I can see your body move. I highly recommend that you wear a sports bra or other supportive bra in class. Socks are OK on some surfaces, but they may be too slippery for others. Use caution when wearing socks on dance floors. Students may also choose to purchase dance shoes if they have problems with their feet or if they just like the extra support. For more info on dance shoes, please check out my blog entry.

Students also love to wear hip scarves! They’re really just for decoration, but they can really inspire you to move your hips and make some noise. I bring some loaner scarves with me to each class, but you may want to purchase your own. For more info on hip scarves, please check out my blog entry.

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Can I try a class before I sign up?

Yes. For beginner class sessions, I offer the first class free. No strings attached. (Not applicable for private or small-group classes.) If you decide to enroll, this class will be counted as your first class; payment will be due by the beginning of your second class.

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You don’t teach on a night that I want to take classes. What should I do?

First, you may want to check out other teachers’ class listings at to see if there is another class by a different teacher that is more convienent for your shedule. If you decide that you still want me to be your teacher (and I’d love that!), please e-mail me using the form at the bottom of this page to ask about classes. In most situations, I can start up a new class if I have enough interest from potential students. I just need 4 or more students to make a class–call all your friends to see if they want to take a class, too. Or, I can provide private or small-group classes (up to 3 students) at your home or other location for a higher rate.

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How’d you do that? Belly dancing is hard!

Yes, belly dancing is hard! Good dancers make it look easy, but it really is a dance form that requires years of training. No one becomes a belly dancer overnight. If you are discouraged by the level of difficulty or your dance, please give yourself permission to give yourself a break! If what you are working on is too hard, stop and take a deep breath. Try it again and know that it will be better the next time you practice. The worst thing you can do is be hard on yourself. Enjoy moving your body in a new way and feel proud of all that your body can do!

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Do you provide opportunities for your students to perform?

Yes…eventually. Students in my beginner classes will not perform at any point during the session. I find that it really takes a year of regular practice and classes before a student feels confident enough to be on stage. For students who have been dancing for a year or more, I ofter auditions for my student troupe, the Nightingales. Under my direction, the Nightingales perform choreographies at community events and shows.

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Can you dance my event?

Absolutely! I love to share belly dancing with others. I offer a wide range of belly dance services for special events and parties. My favorite kind of event is a Shimmy Party. This is where I entertain the guests with a mini-workshop and a short performance. I also perform classic belly dance shows at larger gatherings like weddings, birthday parties and corporate events. If you would like to book me for an event, please check out the booking page. Let me know that you are a current or former student and you can get 10% off your booking! (Student status must be verified. Not valid with any other offers.)

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Still have questions? Ask them! Send me a an e-mail using the form at the bottom of this page and I’ll get back to you personally. And who knows, your question (with an answer!) may even end up here!