Teaching the spirit of belly dance

Andalee is a belly dance performer and instructor who has been studying belly dance for eight years. Andalee’s warmth, grace and openness allow this dance to come to life. She’ll teach you that belly dance (also known as Oriental dance or “raqs sharqi” in Arabic) is truly accessible to anyone. Andalee’s dance style is based in Egyptian-style belly dance and American Cabaret (or American Nightclub) belly dance. There are many ways to belly dance, and she’ll explore the different techniques and styles. You can pick the ones that work for you and your body!

Need help paying for classes? Apply to the Triangle Belly Dance Scholarship to see if you can get a little help. Download the 2014 Triangle Belly Dance Scholarship Fund Application.

Need more instruction? Andalee provides private lessons for $45 an hour. Contact me at the bottom of this page to inquire about scheduling and availability.

What Andalee’s students say

“Andalee is always pleasant and very positive. She’s encouraging and reassuring, which I’ve appreciated since I’m not always confident in my belly dance skills. But thanks to her, I performed for the first time at a belly dance event, and it was a blast!” ~ E.M., 6/14/2012

“Andalee is an excellent and patient teacher. I have taken several of her classes and will continue to take more. She is very encouraging and makes belly dancing fun.” ~ S.B., 6/12/2012

“I’ve been studying with Andalee for over six months now and I’ve already learned so much. More importantly, I’ve enjoyed every minute! Andalee is extremely knowledgeable in oriental dance (belly dance) and makes each class challenging yet fun. And she’s a beautiful dancer. I’ll definitely continue taking her classes as long as they’re offered and would recommend them to anyone.” ~ N.C., 8/21/2012